Alumni News and Database 

In 2016 an electronic database was set up for all past pupils and past staff so we can keep in contact with as many past HVHS students as possible.  This database is primarily used for mailing out 3 newsletters a year with news about HVHS, successes of past HVHS students and for any planned reunions.

Please encourage other past pupils to add themselves so they too can receive the newsletter.

Please use your personal email address, as it is easy to lose track of people when their work/business email address changes.  


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You can read past Newsletters by clicking on the link below:

Alumni News December 2018.pdf

Alumni News July 2018.pdf

Alumni News March 2018.pdf

Alumni News October 2017.pdf

Alumni News June 2017.pdf

Alumni News March 2017.pdf

Alumni News October 2016.pdf

Alumni News June 2016.docx 


HVHS Alumni Facebook Page

Keep in touch with past pupils and friends on our Alumni Facebook Page.

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Campus of the Future

CotF School Frontage 2.JPG

In 2015 the HVHS Board of Trustees and Senior Management embarked on a long term Campus of the Future project (CotF).  This initiative stemmed from a growing awareness that many areas of the school campus are tired and not fit for purpose.  The campus layout has become a dull patchwork quilt of add-ons, lacking cohesion and, sadly, the campus has not heart.  We are looking to transform the campus environment to anchor the experience of being 'at HVHS' for students and staff fostering a heightened sense of pride and belonging.  Additionally, there is a strong desire from the school community to proatively and professionally address the Campus revival.  

HVHS Campus of the Future Final Report_09 09 2016.pdf